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About Us

To make people feel special and valued when they are receiving and enjoying our products.

We started out as a luxury hotel amenity company, supplying the accommodation industry with design focused amenities, with the aim of delighting guests during their stay. 

With the desire to extend the luxury experience, the chocolate range was introduced, which lead to the creation of many other delicious food items such as nuts, confectionery and popcorn. These are often combined into beautiful gift boxes which are gifted to V.I.Ps, clients and staff.

With a strong service for custom branding, the business has grown to accommodate not only hotels but businesses of all types across Australia with delicious self branded edibles and gift boxes, they now call their own. 

Since COVID -19, our business has rapidly expanded mainly into boutique supermarkets and independent grocers we are so proud to be working with. We value all of our customers and feel the silver lining for us has been to work with so many interesting businesses who work hard at providing their customers with interesting offerings in-store.


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TLUXAU Director - Chloe McCarthy 

Chloe created TLUXAU after staying at the same luxury hotel interstate, where the amenities, she felt did not match the quality of the hotel her and her husband were regularly staying in. 

With a passion for creating interesting products and the view point of spoiling the end user always in her mind, Chloe engaged Melbourne agency Chimera Design to create the logo and overall aesthetic of the brand. The first range was the bathroom amenities which became an instantly recognised upmarket brand, desired by boutique accommodation companies. It turned out the consistent feedback was that companies were looking to upgrade their amenities and TLUXAU were their answer. 

Knowing that the guest experience is the most important part of the stay, Chloe wanted to extend the luxury experience so the guests could enjoy something welcoming and considered on arrival. As the industry had become a little tired with a lot of the hotels offering the same arrival gifts, the Chocolate and Luxury Edibles range was really well received.

Offering Private Branding meant hotels could show their guests they had gone to the trouble of having a range made just for them. The benefit of seeing our clients happy and knowing their clients are extra happy meant so much. 

Chloe also owns Planinsek Art (based off her maiden name) where she paints and supplies custom artworks to the architectural and Interior Design industries. It was only a matter of time that the Chocolate Art Series collaboration happened by merging Chloe's artworks onto the packaging. 

Chloe's passion is creating beautiful items that make people feel happy, special and valued. 


The TLUXAU team includes National Client Manager - Darrell, who has had vast and valuable experience of building lasting relationships and businesses in Australia. He has owned and run successful fashion businesses over the last 20 years, where service and quality were at the forefront. Darrell's friendly and professional service creates a happy working relationship with clients where they know they are getting well looked after.

TLUXAU has partnered with a long standing food packing company, who packs all of the food and gift boxes TLUXAU offers across Australia with great care. The team are now a part of the TLUXAU extended family.

Our virtual Graphics Team are the drivers behind the scenes, making our new collections TLUXAU dream up come to life in print form, as well as our clients private branding. 

Together we work to create happy moments for people.
When our range sells out almost weekly at our beloved stockists, we feel we are accomplishing our mission. When we receive glowing happy feedback from our corporate clients, we are so so happy. 
Thank you to those who buy our range and are there along our journey. For those who are new to the range, we hope you enjoy it. 

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