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About Us

To make the end user feel special and valued, through timeless purposeful products. 

Travel Lux Australia is an Australian company who is passionate about offering quality, design focused hotel amenities, luxury edibles and promotional items to spoil your guests with. 

The fresh apple scented hotel amenity collection is designed to offer a new and current look, along with a luxurious experience for your guests.

With the desire to extend the luxury experience, the biscuit and chocolate range was introduced, which has now lead to the introduction of many other foods and the service of creating custom mini bars.

Collaborations are welcome for extending your current range, or for those who wish to add the touch of TLUXAU luxury to their hotel, airline or short term accommodation.

We encourage you to register your email with us so you can be the first to know of new collections and products, as well as exclusive offers for our TLUXAU members. By filling in your email, you will become an instant TLUXAU Loyalty Member. We are always researching what visitors are wanting and share our knowledge in our email updates. 

We believe everyone should have luxury in their life and every guest should feel special during their stay.

Live the #tluxaulife 

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Chloe McCarthy. Director of Tluxau. Travel Lux Australia

TLUXAU Director - Chloe McCarthy 

Chloe created TLUXAU two years ago, after staying at a hotel where the amenities she felt did not match the quality perception of the luxury hotel her and her husband were staying in. 
With a passion for creating interesting products and the view point of the end user always in her mind, Chloe engaged Melbourne agency Chimera Design to create the vision she had in her head of a luxury and boutique looking range of hotel amenities. Chimera created the interesting design of the TLUXAU range, which has since become an instant success across the product range.

Chloe also owns Planinsek Art (based off her maiden name) where she supplies custom artworks to the architectural and Interior Design industries - often working on accommodation and other commercial projects. 

Chloe's passion is creating timeless, purposeful products which make the end user feel extra special. 

The TLUXAU team is growing with a dedicated researcher and writer of content for the email updates, helping bring value to the hotel industry, as well as newly appointed Client Manager - Darrell Levy, who has had vast experience of building lasting relationships and businesses in Australia. 

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