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Black Label Range

Black Label Range

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We offer black labels for chocolates and nuts and white labels for our confectionery range. 
For Private Label, you may choose any colour combination to suit your branding. 


Chocolate Aniseed Rings 120g
Chocolate Bullets 140g
Chocolate Coated Almonds 120g
Chocolate Coated Sultanas 130g
Chocolate Coffee Bean Mix 120g
Chocolate Honeycomb 70g
Chocolate Malt Balls 100g
Chocolate Peanuts 140g
Chocolate Pretzels 55g
Coconut Roughs 95g
Dark Chocolate Almonds 120g
Dark Chocolate Bullets 140g
Dark Chocolate Cherries 120g
Dark Chocolate Ginger 120g
Dark Chocolate Goji Berries 150g
Dark Chocolate Macadamias 135g
Dark Chocolate Peanuts 130g
Dark Chocolate Raspberries 140g
Dark Chocolate Sultanas 130g
Dark Chocolate Turkish Delights 150g
Foil Milk Chocolate Hearts 110g
Fruit n' Nut Mix 120g
Milk & Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans 120g
Milk Chocolate Cashews 120g
Milk Chocolate Coated Raspberries 140g
Milk Chocolate Macadamias 135g
Mixed Chocolate Raspberries 140g
Peanut Clusters 85g
Premium Choc Mix 130g
Smarties 150g
White Chocolate Raspberries 140g

Nuts & Snacks:

Dry Roasted Salted Cashews 100g
Dry Roasted Salted Macadamias 90g
Fruit & Nut Mix 100g
Honey Roasted Almonds 100g
Honey Roasted Cashews 80g
Hot & Spicy Mix 60g
Mexican Salsa Peanuts 100g
Paleo Mix 100g
Raw Healthy Mix 100g
Roasted Almonds 100g
Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 100g
Salted Peanuts 100g
Seasoned Nut & Soya Mix 70g
Sweet Chili & Lime Peanuts 100g
Trail mix 100g
Sweet Chili Rice Puffs 30g
Sweet Chili Soya Crisps 50g
Vegetable Chips 35g
Pretzels 35g

Caramel Popcorn 10g Small / 30g Large
Sea Salt Popcorn 10g Small / 30g Large
Sweet & Salty Popcorn 10g Small / 30g Large

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